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Eric presents his signature  Leadership Development Program to businesses, executives, and high potential employees throughout North America.  The 12-part program demonstrates how to lead more effectively in today's workplace.


Eric is the author of two books, “Managing People in the 21st Century” (2003) , which was updated and re-released in 2020.  His popular second book is “The 5 A’s of Great Employees,” identifies characteristics essential in today's workforce.



A sought-after speaker, he speaks frequently  on topics ranging from contemporary leadership styles to workforce trends and issues. Whether at conventions, corporate retreats or conferences, his keynotes focus on real world issues and solutions.



Eric Swenson is acknowledged as a leading expert on leadership strategy and today's workforce.  His work with businesses throughout North America has led to improved performance, stronger employee engagement and greater customer satisfaction.

He is the Founder & Managing Director of RSJ/Swenson, a human resources and workforce development firm serving more than 250 businesses in North America.  Those businesses range from start-ups to established companies with over 1,000 employees.  Virtually every industry is represented in RSJ/Swenson’s portfolio.  He founded his firm in 2003, and merged it with the CPA firm of Rose, Snyder & Jacobs in 2008.


He has managed hundreds of employees and interviewed thousands of job candidates in his career.


15821 Ventura Blvd. #490, Encino, CA 91436      Tel: 818-461-1874

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